Kill Every Cord In Your House

Behind each of your beloved electronics is a tangled mess of cords and wires.  We are consumed with clutter in our homes, at our offices, everywhere.  I want to encourage you to clean up your cords and escape the wired prison with these 6 tips:


  1. Use bluetooth tech – now this will really cut back on your cords.  Bluetooth-enabled devices, such as speakers, allow you to stream music from your smartphone without a cord or wire to connect.
  2. Use binder clips – for frequently used cords like your phone or laptop charger, clip to your desk with binder clips so they are easy to find and out of the way.
  3. Practice headphone management – there are plenty of tools to untangle your earphones.  One cool device iCoil works with the headphones you already have.  Simply insert your earphone wire into the iCoil and wind, removing excess slack and working as a convenient wire storage space.
  4. Scour Pinterest – Pinterest is a do-it-yourself gold mine.  Chances are the online pinboard has a cord coiling technique thatâ??s right for you.  Try searching keywords like â??organizationâ? and â??declutterâ?
  5. Drop the landline – yes maybe itâ??s time to cut the cord.  Sure landlines come prepackaged with cable and internet, but how often are you really using this dinosaur?
  6. Try the PVC cord funnel system – use a simple PVC pipe to house unruly cables created by your entertainment center.  Cord-taming products are also sold through IKEA and 3m.
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