Digital Marketing Package

By adding the Webdoc to your news team you get expanded consumer-focused content, increased local online exposure and increased traffic to your station’s website. The package includes comprehensive marketing materials and implementation plans to leverage the social media networks your station currently uses and also take advantage of the Webdoc’s national social media exposure.

The format of the on-air news segments for both radio and TV end with the listener or viewer being directed back to your station’s website to click on the Webdoc link and see an expanded segment.
At a time when most stations are downsizing, adding the Webdoc to your news team will create the perception that your station is expanding and keeping up with new content that is tailored to their needs. Technology is changing daily, if not hourly, and consumers have an appetite for news and information about how to use technology and the latest products. By providing this content your station is sharing information the local audience can use in their everyday life.

The Webdoc is not just a personality, but a resource for people to find the latest information on technology and products. Your station will have a competitive advantage in the marketplace and drive advertising sales.

In addition to the syndicated content the package includes a turnkey marketing and public relations program that will generate local traffic to your station’s website.

1. Press release distributed nationally via Vocus

2. Photos of the Webdoc to be used on the station’s website

3. Bio for the website

4. Twitter Posts

â?¢ @WebdocPeter has 8097 Followers

â?¢ @SNNLocalNews is pleased to announce @WebdocPeter is joining the team

5. Facebook Posts

â?¢ Webdoc Facebook 1057 Likes

â?¢ Locally target marketing campaign

â?¢ Stations’ Facebook

6. Email Campaign

1. Before the first segment airs, an email campaign will be deployed to 25000 people in the local market (based on station demographics) announcing that the Webdoc has joined the news team.
2. A custom mobile-enabled email template will be developed for the stations that can be deployed to the station’s email database announcing the addition of the Webdoc.

3. Using the “Schedule A Reminder” button an automated follow up email will be sent to remind views to tune in for the segment.

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7. Email to Monday Motivational List

For the past 15 years the Webdoc has shared an email Monday Motivational to an audience of over 80,000 subscribers nationwide. The station will be mentioned in this email campaign.

8. Webdoc Site

The station will be added to the Webdoc site with the â??As Seen Onâ? logo and provided with a link to help generate more traffic to the station.