Password Protection

Throw: If youâ??re anything like me, youâ??ve got a ton of passwords. Try these easy tips for creating passwords that are hard to hack, but easy to remember. Package: Donâ??t Make Passwords Easy to Guess – this one may seem obvious, but you would be surprised. An Adobe security breach in 2013 listed the five most common company passwords as: ... Read More »

Rearview Cameras

Throw: If you or someone you know has purchased a new vehicle in the past couple of years you may be familiar with â??back up cameraâ? technology. Many new vehicles include a camera that displays a live feed on your dashboard of the area behind your car. The driver can see what is directly behind the vehicle before even backing up. Package: This ... Read More »

Identity Theft

Last year more than 12 million people were victims of identity theft in the United States. One of the easiest ways for hackers to steal your information is online. I like to call identity theft an â??economic homicideâ? because it truly is that detrimental to your credit score. It can take months or even years to repair your credit after ... Read More »

Backing Up Your Computer

Hey everyone, Peter Martin, the â??webdocâ? here. Today weâ??re going to talk about the importance of backing up your computer files. If you donâ??t back up your files on a regular basis, you could lose everything that you store on your computer. A lot of people donâ??t realize that your hard-drive has a shelf life. Computer hard-drives only last 5 ... Read More »

Macbook Pro

Back to school specials are a great time to save big on electronics. Companies like Apple are known for offering substantial discounts for student purchases. Apple is currently running a special where you can get a $100 Apple Store gift card when you buy a mac for college. The MacBook Pro has been a longstanding industry leader among popular laptops. ... Read More »

GoPro Hero3+

The GoPro Hero series of cameras has gained recognition as the little camera that could. GoPros have been used by Red Bull and other marketers to film epic stunts in stunning HD. The newest edition to the GoPro family is the GoPro Hero3+. They hype is true, this is one of the best action cams I have ever seen. The ... Read More »

Sony Vaio Flip

The great thing about technology is that its always evolving. Smartphones and tablets merge in the popular â??phabletâ? crossover models. Laptops and tablets are starting to come together as well. I recently picked up the Sony Vaio Flip, a gorgeous Full HD laptop that flips into a touchscreen tablet. This innovative laptop offers three versatile modes: laptop, tablet and viewer ... Read More »