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Peter Martin, the WebDoc, here.  Back by popular demand, over ten years ago, I was on ASPN I did a segment called the Dealership Website Review.  And Iâ??ve had a lot of people come back to me saying, â??Peter, why donâ??t you do them again?  Things are changing with the internet and you were so insightful.â?  So starting this month we are re-launching the Dealership Website Review.

This is where I am going to literally take a dealershipâ??s website every single week and Iâ??m going to go through it with you and Iâ??m going to show you the good things and the bad things.  Iâ??m going to talk about how you can improve your presence and actually be more successful, because as you know 97% of people that are shopping for a car today are going to your website.

So if your website isnâ??t doing an effective job you are losing sales.  So join us every single week for the website review.  And if youâ??ve got a website that youâ??d like me to review, please click on the link below and simply send it to me and Iâ??ll add it to the list of dealership websites to be reviewed.  Looking forward to seeing you every single week.  Peter Martin, signing out.

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