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In a continued effort to inform viewers and prevent cybercrime the Webdoc is teaming up with the State Attorney to help you protect yourself from cyber criminals. In this series of videos, we will be sharing useful tips to prepare you to defend yourself and your personal information. We look forward to answering your questions and sharing the latest news on prevention tactics and what to do if you are hacked.

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Ways to protect yourself from being a victim of fraud


  • Keep your PIN numbers separate and secure
  • Change passwords frequently
  • Check financial records regularly
  • Monitor your credit report
  • Don’t respond to unsolicited emails, especially if they are requesting money and/or personal information.
  • Don’t use cash for products and services without verifying the validity of the company and getting a proper receipt
  • Don’t send money by wire transfer to anyone you do not know
  • Destroy mail that contains personal information
  • Use caution when giving money or personal information to a person in a position of trust
  • Check on elderly people that live alone
  • A Fraudster will gain their victim’s trust and isolate them from other people
  • A Fraudster is intelligent, patient and charismatic

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