Website Content Package

Technology is constantly changing. By adding the Webdoc to your station, you can provide diverse on-demand technology content that will drive traffic to your website, increasing exposure and station revenue. Click here to see an example

The on-air news segments end with the Webdoc directing the audience back to your station’s website for the “Rest of the Story.” On your site there will be a link for the Webdoc and the on-air short version and the extended version. For radio affiliates this provides added engagement for their listeners.

On your website you can host a library of content that can be referenced to as needed.

For example the Webdoc has created an entire series with the State Attorney’s office on how to protect yourself from cyber crime and identity theft. This is a hot topic as data breaches become more common like those at Target and Home Depot (54% increase in 2013 and growing). The news team can direct the audience to visit the station’s website to learn more about how to protect themselves.

Another example, when bad weather is approaching people can be directed to the site to learn more about how to prepare for inclement weather by backing up their phones, computers, and using battery back ups and surge protectors.

The video topics can be tailored to tie in with whatever news is currently going on, making the package a great way to drive web traffic.

Content Segments Include:

  • Business Tips
  • Product Reviews
  • How To’s
  • Online Safety
  • Tech News