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Save Your Eyes From Smartphone Strain

If youâ??re one of those people who glances at their smartphone 150 times per day, chances are your eyes are feeling the strain.  Staring at screens like that of your smartphone or mobile device leaves your eyes feeling tired, itchy and dry and can even cause blurred vision and headaches.  Minimize digital eye strain with these helpful hints. Read More »

Raising the Digital Generation

The internet is a great resource for users young and old.  Content has never been more accessible and this is both good and bad for parents.  As a parent myself, I would like to talk to you today about raising the digital generation.  Let me share with you some statistics that you may find surprising. Read More »

Password Protection

If youâ??re anything like me, youâ??ve got a ton of passwords.  Between email, social media accounts, apps and more weâ??re always creating new usernames, passwords, logging in and logging out.  The prevalence of password protected services increases your risk of a security breach.  Try these easy tips for creating passwords that are hard to hack, but easy to remember. Read More »

Online Job Search

More and more job seekers are turning to the web to aid their job search.  The classifieds have digitized and if you donâ??t want to miss the job opportunity of your dreams you need to adapt your search.  Get to know these 10 sites to aid your next job search: Read More »

Debit Card Security

Cybersecurity is more important than ever.  On the heels of the big data security breach of the retail giant Target affecting more than 40 million customers, consumers need to be careful to protect their finances.  How does your data get compromised and how can you stay safe? Read More »

Coping with Information Overload

Information, itâ??s everywhere and this is a good and bad thing.  Information overload has been cited as a major cause in the rise of stress-related diseases.  How can you manage your stress levels without a full-on digital detox?  Try traditional mindfulness meditation techniques. Read More »

Backup Cameras

If you or someone you know has purchased a new vehicle in the past couple of years you may be familiar with â??back up cameraâ? technology.  Many new vehicles include a camera that displays a live feed on your dashboard of the area behind your car.  The driver can see what is directly behind the vehicle before even backing up. ... Read More »