9 Apps You Need

Your smart phone can be one of the greatest tools for simplifying your life.  Use your smart phone for something besides Snapchat and Flappy Bird with these helpful, free apps:

  1. Calm – if you sometimes forget to just stop and breathe this is the app for you.  Calm is a meditation app that allows you to set aside time to be still.  Accompany your moments of meditation with beautiful photographs and soothing music for the ultimate zen experience.
  2. 30/30 – ever heard of the 30/30 rule?  For any task you need to accomplish, focus on it intently for 30 minutes and then take a 30 minute break.  This enhanced timer allows you to organize your tasks and stay on track.
  3. Cal – when you rely heavily on your smartphone, your calendar can get messy.  Cal is an aesthetically pleasing calendar with integrated functions that tie in your contacts and social media accounts.
  4. Solar – the weather isnâ??t always beautiful, and we certainly learned that this winter.  Solar has a simple and visually appealing interface to give you your daily forecast.
  5. iRecycle – now thereâ??s no excuse not to reduce your carbon footprint.  After typing in your location, this app shows you where you can go to recycle anything and everything from old electronics to everyday items like plastic cups.  Connect to your social networks and encourage your friends to go green as well.
  6. InstaSize – the Instagrammerâ??s secret weapon.  InstaSize gives you the opportunity to resize photos, add customizable borders and even has its own filters.
  7. Romantimatic – yes thereâ??s an app for that too.  Never get too busy to neglect your significant other again.  Choose from the â??all-time classicsâ? like â??I love youâ? and â??I miss youâ? or set up your own templates and this app will send automated messages so youâ??ll never be in the doghouse again.
  8. RedLaser – for the bargain hunter, this app allows you to scan barcodes while shopping and pull up price comparisons from other stores.  Only pay the lowest prices and make shopping a breeze.
  9. Pocket – when there arenâ??t enough hours in the day, this app will let you save links to interesting articles to read later.  The ultimate organizational tool syncs with your other devices, so youâ??ve got your reading list everywhere you go.
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