Amazon Fire

Many of you are familiar with television streaming services like Apple TV, Roku and Google Chromecast.  These hardware extensions allow users to stream online programming right to their TVs.  Amazon is joining the competition with the release of Amazon Fire TV.  This long-awaited streaming device aims to make complexity disappear.  Some features of this simple yet powerful device include:

  • Quad-core processor versus the double core processor of Roku and  the single core processors of Apple TV and Chromecast
  • 2 GB of RAM compared with the 512 MB memories of the three competitors.
  • Dual band wi-fi for fast connectivity
  • $99 Price, the same as Apple TV and Roku .  Chromecast wins this battle at a mere $35

When you press play categories display content, watchlist, access, your video library, movies, TV, games, apps and photos, with settings residing in the main home screen.  One of the features that sets Amazon Fire TV apart from the competition is its gaming capabilities.  With the purchase of a $40 Amazon-branded controller your Amazon Fire TV becomes a gaming console.  This will challenge current, expensive gaming consoles like the reigning Xbox and Playstation dynasties.  Amazon has been working with EA, Disney, Gameloft and other major players to develop a wide variety of games and projects that users will have access to thousands of games within the next month.  While Roku and Apple TV offer gaming services, Amazon Fire TV is the only option that offers a handheld controller.  Amazon Fire TV is also the only device to offer a voice search in addition to a physical remote.

In the coming months weâ??ll see how Amazon Fire TV fares in sales but the Webdoc expects to see quite a positive response.

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