e-Success TIPS

eMail Subject Lines, the Key to eMail Success

An email subject line determines whether your subscriber will open, delete or reports your email as spam. As a recipient’s volume of email increases, the subject line of their emails will be viewed as more of a gatekeeper. How to Push your Email Campaigns from Received to Read Status A subscriber will decide whether or not they want to open ... Read More »

Selecting a Format

Message purpose is the most important key in determining your chosen format. When you send a message to confirm receipt or make corrections to a previous communication, you can use plain text formatting. However, if you send an advertisement or newsletter, you’re better off formatting it in HTML. When you’re not sure which format is appropriate, consider the email: if ... Read More »

9 Best eMail Marketing Practices

If you’re already executing an email marketing strategy, then you’ll find this extensive list very helpful. If you haven’t added email marketing to your marketing and advertising efforts, you should and this outlines the average returns: eMail Marketing $45.06 Internet Marketing (non-email) $19.94 Direct Response Newspaper Ad $16.86 Direct Mail (non-catalog) $15.55 Telemarketing $8.61 Catalog Marketing $7.28 It’s important to ... Read More »

Your First Contact

Now that you have your customer and/or prospect’s email address, what’s the next step? This is the most critical time in the relationship building process. It is important to note the relationship building process is different from the sales process. Many email marketers have the misguided idea that you can simply send out an email and people will come flooding ... Read More »

eMail Marketing is becoming the TOP method for direct advertising

eMail marketing is quickly becoming the TOP method for direct advertising and marketing communications. It is an absolutely essential component of your marketing mix. Before you can start eMail marketing you need one critical component, your customers’ and/or prospects’ email addresses. Having all the latest email marketing tools, techniques and tips is useless unless you are able to send your ... Read More »

Use eMail Marketing to Drive Traffic to your Website

Chances are, no matter how much traffic is visiting your website daily, you would like to see more. More companies are embracing search engine marketing and search engine optimization than ever before. According to the report, “The State of Search Engine Marketing,” SEM has reached $10 billion (86% pay-per-click/14% organic). So where does eMail Marketing fit in? From a Search ... Read More »

The Internet is the Worlds Dominant Advertising Medium

The Internet is the world’s dominant advertising medium. Businesses of all sizes are having websites built at a record pace. Anyone considering building a website needs to answer one very important question: How am I going to get people to the website? The “Field of Dreams” idea, “Build it and they will come,” does not work. If you do not ... Read More »

Top Five Reasons to Market Now

1. Your competition is hiding. The landscape is not as crowded. That means your own marketing has a higher probability of getting noticed. In fact, you may be the only company in your product category who is out there in the face of the consumer! In the past, you would wonder how to be different. Now all you have to ... Read More »

Peter Martin – Data Capture Forms

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Peter Martin – Email Matching

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