e-Success TIPS

Lisa Chittaro’s Intro to Identity Theft

Assistant State Attorney Lisa Chittaro discusses the risk of identity theft. Read More »

Database Cleaning

Peter “the Webdoc” Martin shares his insight on Database Cleaning. Read More »

Product Review: TV Streaming Devices

The Webdoc compares popular TV streaming devices: Apple TV, Google Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV and Roku. Read More »

Dealership Website Review

Peter Martin, the WebDoc, here.  Back by popular demand, over ten years ago, I was on ASPN I did a segment called the Dealership Website Review.  And I’ve had a lot of people come back to me saying, “Peter, why don’t you do them again?  Things are changing with the internet and you were so insightful.”  So starting this month ... Read More »

eSuccess Tip Overview

The eSuccess Tip. For over twelve years, we have been providing people with technology information and news. Now you can find the WebDoc on TV stations and radio stations across the country. But what we’ve done is we’ve actually developed an eNewsletter that goes out once a month with an eSuccess tip. If you go here to the website thewebdoc.tv, ... Read More »

How to use priceline.com for your next vacation

Priceline.com can save you thousands if you understand how to use the name your own price featue. Read More »

Yelp and Siri Integration

Did you know Yelp is directly connected to Siri on the iPhone as well as apple maps? Since half of smart phone owners have an iPhone, the effects of Yelp on your business are even greater. Every 5 seconds a call is made to a local business directly from the Yelp platform on iOS, and over 30 percent of all ... Read More »

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization, aka SEO, is a process to improve your ranking in the Search Engine Results Page or the S.E.R.P.. With proper SEO you can maximize your sites visibility on the Web, increasing traffic and sales. There are several reasons for the strong appeal of SEO but usually price is at the top of the list and these are ... Read More »

Using Google Analytics with Email Marketing to Increase Reporting Capabilities and Boost Relevancy and Response

Today, many email service providers are integrating web analytics with reporting functions into their web-based email marketing solutions. This greatly enhances the product’s reporting capabilities and gives you incredibly useful and pertinent information so you can increase the relevancy of future email campaigns. In turn, this increases your consumer response. In fact, a study by JupiterResearch found that email marketers ... Read More »

Claiming Your Google Local Listing

Claiming your Google Local listing is very important to your SEO. No matter if your business is big or small, if you don’t have a Google Local page, you’re invisible on the Web. Google is a big data provider for search results and maps, so not only are you reaching desktop computers with your listing, but you’re reaching the ever-growing ... Read More »