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Mobile Enabled Emails

Your emails are being opened on mobile devices. Your message is getting deleted if your message is not mobile-enabled. Read More »

Why Your Customers Are Deleting Your Emails

66% of consumers are accessing their email on a mobile device. If your emails aren’t mobile enabled, your customers are deleting them. Read More »

How to Build a Relationship Through Email Marketing

The Webdoc explores email marketing as a relationship building tool. Read More »

Email Frequency: How Relevancy Tactics Changed the Rules

Marketers are used to planning ahead. Most media purchases must be scheduled months in advance to accommodate external press time and availability, along with the careful orchestration needed to balance the print, radio, television, and online advertising with the updated corporate documentation, events, and most importantly, budget. Email marketing provides a lot more flexibility. The delivery schedule isn’t dependent on ... Read More »

Key Questions To Ask Potential eMail Append Providers

When you speak to potential email append providers, you need to ask more questions. As noted previously, the lowest prices, will most likely equate to the lowest append/match rates. However, this is not why you’re doing it. You want to maximize the number of active emails you’re getting. Here are the key questions to ask: How big is the database ... Read More »

Debunking the eMail Appending Myth: What Every Business Owner Needs To Know.

Email appending, also known as email Matching (this term was coined by Cactus Sky), is a service designed to help companies build their customer email database so they can take advantage of the benefits of email marketing. Email marketing is the most powerful form of marketing available today. Over 78% of online shoppers have made purchases through permission-based emails and ... Read More »

Inactive Subscribers – Re-Engage or Remove

The most commonly overlooked part of email marketing is list fatigue. You probably spend time analyzing the email metrics and web analytics generated by opens and clicks, monitor your unsubscribe rate and complaints, and watch for bounces or undelivered messages. But what do you do when nothing happens? If you aren’t paying attention to the subscribers who ignore or delete ... Read More »

The Power of Drip eMail Campaigns

Drip Marketing, aptly named after an agricultural process known as drip irrigation, can be a very powerful strategy in your email program to convert leads to sales. In gardening and agriculture, the drip irrigation technique delivers a slow steady flow of water to a plant or group of plants over a scheduled period of time, instead of delivering a heavy ... Read More »

How Your Reputation Impacts Email Deliverability

Most marketers engaged in email marketing do not realize the important role their reputation plays not only on their deliverability, but also on the overall return of their marketing investment. Monitoring your company’s email marketing reputation and the reputation of your Email Service Provider (ESP) is vital to your business. This eSuccessTIP will cover how to determine a baseline for ... Read More »

A/B Testing – Where To Start?

Subject lines are a great place to begin A/B testing, once you’ve developed one or two strong subject lines using our best practice guidelines, test your headlines for even greater response. When you increase clicks even 1%, depending on your list size, you can add substantial revenue to your bottom line. A/B subject line split testing is one of the ... Read More »