Dealership Website Review

Peter Martin, the WebDoc, here.  Back by popular demand, over ten years ago, I was on ASPN I did a segment called the Dealership Website Review.  And I’ve had a lot of people come back to me saying, “Peter, why don’t you do them again?  Things are changing with the internet and you were so insightful.”  So starting this month ... Read More »

eSuccess Tip Overview

The eSuccess Tip. For over twelve years, we have been providing people with technology information and news. Now you can find the WebDoc on TV stations and radio stations across the country. But what we’ve done is we’ve actually developed an eNewsletter that goes out once a month with an eSuccess tip. If you go here to the website, ... Read More »

Best Buy

Peter Martin, the WebDoc here, as you know I’m always bringing you the latest news, tips and tricks about what’s going on with the internet today and online technology. Well now, I’ve partnered up with Best Buy and what I’m going to be doing now is in addition bringing you the latest products. Whatever’s hot, whatever is the big seller ... Read More »

The Importance of Battery Back Ups

What would you do if you lost all of your files? The webdoc explains the importance of backing up your data. Read More »

How to extend the life of your iPhone battery

If your iPhone battery juice seems to run out by the middle of the day, this segment is for you! Join the webdoc as he presents tips to extend the life of your iPhone battery. Read More »

Facebook Sharing

Social media can be very confusing. The webdoc decodes the nuances of Facebook and shares important tips to help make you a social media whiz. Read More »

The New iPhone 5

Thinking of purchasing the new iPhone? The webdoc gives us his review of the new iOS and shows you some of the new awesome features of the iPhone 5. Read More »

The WebDoc almost goes over

technology can sure be intense! Read More »

Making Video Sharing Simple

The webdoc shows you how make video sharing a simple task. Read More »

Backing Up Phone Files

The Webdoc teaches you how to back up your phone files, so you never loose your documents or photos again! Read More »