Job Search Sites You Should Know About

Peter Martin, the Webdoc here, your technology correspondent. More and more job seekers are turning to the web to aid their job search. The classifieds have digitized and if you don’t want to miss the job opportunity of your dreams you need to adapt your search. Get to know these 10 sites to aid your next job search:  Simply Hired ... Read More »

Smart Watch by Google

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How to protect yourself from Identity theft on vacation

Free Wi-Fi seems like a great feature, especially when you are on vacation or need to transmit information on the go. However, connecting to free Wi-Fi networks can put your private information at risk. In this segment I will be further divulging in the dangers of free Wi-Fi and what you can do to prevent identity theft and fraud. There ... Read More »

How to use for your next vacation can save you thousands if you understand how to use the name your own price featue. Read More »

Introduction to the WebDoc show

The WebDoc is the people’s choice for technology news and hot product reviews. Every week he will bring you the latest news about what is hot and what is not. He will also bring business updates on technology changes that effect business. Read More »