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Product Review GoPro Hero 3+

Longer battery life, wider wifi range and more! The newest addition to the line of the Little Camera That Could will be a great gift to any adventurer. Read More »

Back to School Laptop Reviews: Sony Vaio Flip

Back to school savings make it a great time to buy a new laptop. The Webdoc reviews the new Sony Vaio Flip. Read More »

Back to School Laptop Reviews: Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro

The Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro is a great crossover laptop with high resolution that rivals the MacBook Pro at a fraction of the cost. Read More »

GoPro Hero3+

The GoPro Hero series of cameras has gained recognition as the little camera that could. GoPros have been used by Red Bull and other marketers to film epic stunts in stunning HD. The newest edition to the GoPro family is the GoPro Hero3+. They hype is true, this is one of the best action cams I have ever seen. The ... Read More »

Sony Vaio Flip

The great thing about technology is that its always evolving. Smartphones and tablets merge in the popular “phablet” crossover models. Laptops and tablets are starting to come together as well. I recently picked up the Sony Vaio Flip, a gorgeous Full HD laptop that flips into a touchscreen tablet. This innovative laptop offers three versatile modes: laptop, tablet and viewer ... Read More »

Back to School Laptop Reviews: ASUS Zenbook Prime

This sleek ultrabook is great for traveling and taking to class. However, its features lack the proficiency for a power-user. Read More »

Smart Watch by Google

Read More »

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1

WebDoc here, and today with Christmas right around the corner, we’re going to talk about the new Samsung Galaxy 10.1. We took it out of the box, we reviewed it, we played with it, and we have come to the conclusion that this is by far one of the best gifts available today for Christmas. Dylan and I played with ... Read More »

Best Buy

Peter Martin, the WebDoc here, as you know I’m always bringing you the latest news, tips and tricks about what’s going on with the internet today and online technology. Well now, I’ve partnered up with Best Buy and what I’m going to be doing now is in addition bringing you the latest products. Whatever’s hot, whatever is the big seller ... Read More »