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Raising the Digital Generation

As parents it iss our job to keep our children safe, especially online. It is important to set boundaries and teach your children about online safety. Read More »

Cyber Crime Series: Passwords

We all have lots of passwords to remember. When you are saving your passwords on your computer, make sure that document is password protected! Read More »

Cyber Crime Series: Your Social Security Card

While many of us carry our social security cards in our wallets, this is an unnecessary risk that puts your identity in danger. Read More »

Cybercrime Series: Fake Emails

Art Jackman and Peter “the Webdoc” Martin sit down to discuss how to spot fraudulent emails and what to do if you are a victim. Read More »

Cybercrime Series: Fake Inheritance

Art Jackman and Peter “the Webdoc” Martin sit down to discuss those common “fake inheritance” emails. Read More »

Cybercrime Series: Hotels and Travelling

Art Jackman sits down with Peter “the Webdoc” Martin to discuss how you can protect yourself when you are traveling. Read More »

Raising the Digital Generation

The internet is a great resource for users young and old.  Content has never been more accessible and this is both good and bad for parents.  As a parent myself, I would like to talk to you today about raising the digital generation.  Let me share with you some statistics that you may find surprising. Read More »

Debit Card Security

Cybersecurity is more important than ever.  On the heels of the big data security breach of the retail giant Target affecting more than 40 million customers, consumers need to be careful to protect their finances.  How does your data get compromised and how can you stay safe? Read More »