Why Market Now

Use eMail Marketing to Drive Traffic to your Website

Chances are, no matter how much traffic is visiting your website daily, you would like to see more. More companies are embracing search engine marketing and search engine optimization than ever before. According to the report, “The State of Search Engine Marketing,” SEM has reached $10 billion (86% pay-per-click/14% organic). So where does eMail Marketing fit in? From a Search ... Read More »

The Internet is the Worlds Dominant Advertising Medium

The Internet is the world’s dominant advertising medium. Businesses of all sizes are having websites built at a record pace. Anyone considering building a website needs to answer one very important question: How am I going to get people to the website? The “Field of Dreams” idea, “Build it and they will come,” does not work. If you do not ... Read More »

Top Five Reasons to Market Now

1. Your competition is hiding. The landscape is not as crowded. That means your own marketing has a higher probability of getting noticed. In fact, you may be the only company in your product category who is out there in the face of the consumer! In the past, you would wonder how to be different. Now all you have to ... Read More »