Understanding Search Engine

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization, aka SEO, is a process to improve your ranking in the Search Engine Results Page or the S.E.R.P.. With proper SEO you can maximize your sites visibility on the Web, increasing traffic and sales. There are several reasons for the strong appeal of SEO but usually price is at the top of the list and these are ... Read More »

Using Google Analytics with Email Marketing to Increase Reporting Capabilities and Boost Relevancy and Response

Today, many email service providers are integrating web analytics with reporting functions into their web-based email marketing solutions. This greatly enhances the product’s reporting capabilities and gives you incredibly useful and pertinent information so you can increase the relevancy of future email campaigns. In turn, this increases your consumer response. In fact, a study by JupiterResearch found that email marketers ... Read More »

Understanding the Differences Between Search Engine Marketing and Search Engine Optimization

There are definite “buzz” words in today’s business industry. Two of the top buzz terms are Search Engine Marketing and Search Engine Optimization. What are they and how can they make your company more successful? What Is SEM and SEO? Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is the broad term that describes all of the processes used to promote web sites. It ... Read More »