Understanding Email Deliverability

Push vs. Pull Online Marketing

In today’s world, online marketing is a MUST. If you are not currently embracing the new medium by advertising on the Web, your business may be struggling. Billions of consumers are using the Internet to find services and products every single day. If they don’t find your company, they find your competitors. Because the Internet is ever changing, it can ... Read More »

Email Frequency: How Relevancy Tactics Changed the Rules

Marketers are used to planning ahead. Most media purchases must be scheduled months in advance to accommodate external press time and availability, along with the careful orchestration needed to balance the print, radio, television, and online advertising with the updated corporate documentation, events, and most importantly, budget. Email marketing provides a lot more flexibility. The delivery schedule isn’t dependent on ... Read More »

How Your Reputation Impacts Email Deliverability

Most marketers engaged in email marketing do not realize the important role their reputation plays not only on their deliverability, but also on the overall return of their marketing investment. Monitoring your company’s email marketing reputation and the reputation of your Email Service Provider (ESP) is vital to your business. This eSuccessTIP will cover how to determine a baseline for ... Read More »