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How Positive Reviews Drive Traffic to Your Dealership

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How to Bid on Priceline

As a frequent traveler, I'm always looking for a good deal on hotels and airfare. One of my favorite search sites is Priceline. Let me show you how to bid and use the name your own price tool. Read More »

Mobile Enabled Emails

Your emails are being opened on mobile devices. Your message is getting deleted if your message is not mobile-enabled. Read More »

Backing Up Your Computer

Hey everyone, Peter Martin, the “webdoc” here. Today we’re going to talk about the importance of backing up your computer files. If you don’t back up your files on a regular basis, you could lose everything that you store on your computer. A lot of people don’t realize that your hard-drive has a shelf life. Computer hard-drives only last 5 ... Read More »

How to Clean Up Online Accounts

We have so many online accounts out there, it’s hard to keep track. AccountKiller.com is a great tool for deleting inactive accounts and cleaning up your online presence. Read More »

Job Search Sites You Should Know About

Peter Martin, the Webdoc here, your technology correspondent. More and more job seekers are turning to the web to aid their job search. The classifieds have digitized and if you don’t want to miss the job opportunity of your dreams you need to adapt your search. Get to know these 10 sites to aid your next job search:  Simply Hired ... Read More »

Why Your Customers Are Deleting Your Emails

66% of consumers are accessing their email on a mobile device. If your emails aren’t mobile enabled, your customers are deleting them. Read More »

How to Build a Relationship Through Email Marketing

The Webdoc explores email marketing as a relationship building tool. Read More »

How to Promote Your Website

Your website is an extension of your business. Effectively promote it like this. Read More »

How Online Reputation Impacts Sales

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